: Products available in our store
We process shipment of products within (48 hours) business days after we receive the payment directly youve We ship products by Saudi Post registered mail or courier company Aramex and do not accept any request shipment of any product by mail and we ask the shipping company to confirm the signing of the receipt of the product the second party, a condition for delivery confirmation.
We do not accept the delay in delivery of the shipment by the carrier we afford to deliver the shipment to the carrier and the customer is provided with the shipment tracking number to follow up the shipment on the carrier if it offers the advantage of tracking the shipment.

Re products:

Services that are offered by the Internet is subject to the terms and conditions of the company for the service provided to return the money to the customer

We accept return the product to us within 7 days.
It must re-packaging of the original product with complete contents the package.

We will replace the product. If this is not available in stock will be re full refund.

: Products that are shipped through a third party

Delivery of goods to Saudi Arabia. Subject to the conditions described for the title in the process of payment only
Details of the products subject to the charge of a third party (shipping company) will be delivered by us to the company within two working days and the buyer bears out the delivery of cargo from the site of eBay and Amazon through its agreement with the seller and we do not accept the delay in the seller (third party) the delay in the shipment of the item and party bears the third and so you should claim the site was purchased product from, for example (Amazon or eBay) and you will get to help us address the pay site to retrieve the payment amount and the estimated length of time at the site from the date of your request. We make every possible effort to deliver your order within the time estimated and will notify you and in any case if you did not receive your order within 15 days from the date of the request will be re-amount of demand if demand imbalance our site but if the demand from outside the site and we as an intermediary is subject to the terms of the amounts by Privacy Policy and you should raise the claim before the 45 days of submitting your application. There are some delays in some cases are inevitable in shipments as a result of unexpected factors.
Risk of loss and damage to your order when the goods are delivered or on the date of first attempted delivery by us subject to the Terms and Conditions. We we will provide alternative in the event of loss of item that was purchased by us directly or bear any costs or replacement if the request through a third party
Licensing programs for download from the producers:
We commit ourselves to giving the client license for the software we have available and be in force and duration and the number of users identified by the manufacturer and the customer is entitled to claim re-payment in full if it is proved that the license is not supported by the manufacturer
Borne by the customer know the download and installation of these programs and how to use them according to the agreement terms and conditions approved by the manufacturer, and any violation of this does not bear any responsibility by stopping the product and not to provide it with support through the company produced during the period of validity of the software license and the company has the right to pursue any legal action without reference to the client or us.
We commit that all the programs we offer certified producers, not counterfeit or copied to preserve the rights of the user.
Customer is entitled to verify the validity of the software license contacting the product and ask questions about the license whether it is actually supported by the manufacturer and if it appears otherwise, we are committed to re-pay the full amount of the client ..

Shipping companies that ship our products are:
01 Saudi Post
02 of Aramex
Customer is entitled to request shipping to another company, for example, FedEx and other provided that the tracking of shipments via the Internet is not by shipping companies or the carrier has no website to track shipments.