Terms of sale and shipping

Must review the legal and consumer rights should review these terms to see conditions of sale, shipping and these conditions are binding between the parties and considered all the items which are mandatory for all.

These terms and conditions apply when your order with us and abide by a mandatory.

These conditions must be observed when using the Site to the conditions we have set.
Before you, and we reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Will any of these changes to take effect when published in this site, and your responsibility to read these terms and conditions each time you use this site.
Please print these Terms and any e-mail message we send to you for future reference.

Specifications of goods
The use of evidence and knowledge of the work item before ordering, weight and overall size, it is your responsibility to provide us with accurate measurements, suitable to meet your requirements. We will not be responsible for your measurements inaccurate.
All sizes and measurements mentioned by us in respect of the goods are approximate only.
We are not able to ensure that the materials in the goods delivered to you whether through a third party and you bear the responsibility of the deal with any site if you want us to pay only an intermediary:
Not accurately reflect the colors displayed on this site, because of differences in color and light between the various computer screens;
It will be the same from one element to another in the case of identical groups, due to slight differences in the formulation of many images.

If there is a need to match the accurate images, we recommend that you request a sample of the product from us before placing your order.

Price and Payment

The price you pay is the price displayed on this site at a time to receive your order. And the price displayed on this site is subject to change at any time.
All prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Riyals, and include tax and if the demand from countries Aruba or the United States and Canada and other countries seeking to add value on value added tax (if any) at the rate applicable in those countries and the customer bears the cost.
We try to make sure that all prices on this website are accurate, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the prices of goods will inform you as soon as possible, and give you the option to confirm your order the correct price or cancel it. If we are unable to contact you and we will deal with your request to rescind it.
Address must be true and accurate delivery to you on delivery of the goods subject to receipt of the amount of cough in full so that we can equip the product with the exception of custom software to download it you need to agree to submit the application and get a link to download the product, you agree to pay the costs of the product for a product license and are products of third party policy and terms of the manufacturer and must be approved before submitting your application.

Process the order and contract formation
The steps required to create the sales contract between you and us are as follows:
On this site, will guide you through the process of developing your system through a series of simple instructions;
Will you place your order by pressing the buttons in order to confirm the departure during the operation;
Because many of our goods is to see the item and ask some specifications and we recommend that you visit the manufacturer for details on the product and how to use it, and we take you to pay while developing your application, using the credit card details or pay by Paypal or transfer to a bank Saudi Arabia described to you when you pay and we recommend you always pay by Paypal and follow the instructions provided by you during the checkout process after the payment to see whether or not to accept payment. Please note that the amount paid does not form the basis of acceptance of your order before final verification within 48 hours to ensure the payment of the patent, especially when you pay by Paypal;
Your order is always subject to acceptance:
Given the state of delivery of goods to the Kingdom Arabia from other countries should be shipping the number of track we do not accept any mediation in the shipment of a product if it is not charging by the tracking number to ensure the shipment arrives to you in a timely manner, your application and the completion of the contract between you and us will only happen when we send mailemail to confirm your e-mail will get it to clarify the state of the product, price, and you accept the goods and the price is a reference to these Terms and Conditions
Acceptance of your order and the completion of the contract between you and us is when we agreed with you after treatment and any additional delivery charges incurred if the shipping company or customs in the country of the sender or the addressee does not bear the cost of customs if there are customs restrictions on them.
We do not mediation in the products blocked their entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for example, medical products of all kinds of weapons, alcohol, fireworks discs that contain clips involving moral turpitude and the public literature and all the different kinds of tobacco products are prohibited entry by customs policy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Delivery of goods to Saudi Arabia. Subject to the conditions described for the title in the process of payment only
Details of the products subject to the charge of a third party (shipping company) will be delivered by us to the company within two working days and the buyer bears out the delivery of cargo from the site of eBay and Amazon through its agreement with the seller and we do not accept the delay in the seller (third party) the delay in the shipment of the item and party bears the third and so you should claim the site was purchased product from, for example (Amazon or eBay) and you will get to help us address the pay site to retrieve the payment amount and the estimated length of time at the site from the date of your request. We make every possible effort to deliver your order within the time estimated and will notify you and in any case if you did not receive your order within 15 days from the date of the request will be re-amount of the request if the request through our website but if the demand from outside our site and our broker is subject to the terms of the amounts by Privacy Policy and you should raise the claim before the 45 days of submitting your application. There are some delays in some cases are inevitable in the postal charges as a result of unexpected factors.
Risk of loss and damage to your order when the goods are delivered or on the date of first attempted delivery by us subject to the Terms and Conditions. We we will provide alternative in the event of loss of item that was purchased by us directly or bear any costs or replacement if the request through a third party.

Request for goods from other sites by us

How to apply and the rights to cancel the request
When your desire to request items from another store location must be accept Amzon payment or Paypal payment We do not offer to buy goods from any site does not accept payment by Amzon payment or Paypal sites that deal to its credibility is the only PayPal and Amazon and not accept assistance in ordering products from any other sites.

The rights of cancellation and re-payment amount

Cancel the request you can contact us within 24 hours of submitting your application until canceled by exceeding the specified period, you bear the cost of cancellation of the request is subject to acceptance or rejection after 24 hours of application.
You must know the cost of your order and the total cost and find out the exchange rate that has been put to you by us and we spend making SR 20 on the total invoice and must be comprehensive freight cost so as not to impose extra charges.
Return the goods to the seller to the address of the seller borne by you in your capacity as the first party does not bear any costs or claims return any product to you, if a president for five items are not of satisfactory quality, or defective, or as described to you from the seller when buying a product you can address the location that was purchase the product from it and make your request before 15 days from the date of receipt of the request and you must accept the final ruling to be issued from the site which was purchased the product of which is a final verdict can not be undone.

When paying by us through Paypal We offer you a claim within 30 days from the date of the request and we do not assume any responsibility to submit the request after the expiration of 30 days from the date of the request.

When you receive the product, you must inform us on the status of product acceptance or rejection and the reason must be compelling.

Products that are not compatible to work in your country we do not accept this problem and this is your problem you need to solve the original product with a vendor you should know the specifications and size of the products before purchase and they match the specifications and standards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Choose a shipping company is subject to your agreement with the seller does not interfere in this Resolution is up to you and the seller does not accept any delay or loss of the consignment does not offer any financial compensation or loss of eyes when the product or not to accept the entry of the Responsible authorities for follow-up entry of goods to Saudi Arabia

The case of a defect subject to warranty during the warranty period, you can review the details from the seller and obtain instructions from the seller to resolve the problem with the note that some products there is no authorized dealer, you must bear the costs of wages ship the product and return it to the vendor for a repaired you depending on the agreement between you and him if it was covered with security when submitting your application to the vendor with a note that you should request a warranty card when the purchase order from the vendor noting that the terms of a private security between you and the seller if the product was purchased from outside our site.

Web Hosting:

We offer web hosting service with features different and you can choose the appropriate plan for your site plans available you can add some features of the plan directly through your control panel will be provided with full information of the plan with the full support you by the methods of support available to the IM or ticket support available in the Panel control the site and you should be familiar with the English language to communicate with the support staff we will provide you with help in Arabic as well as advice and assistance you must agree to the terms of hosting and not to install any scripts are not licensed like rapidshare or other manuscripts that you must purchase a license them for use on your site and you should not load any unlicensed software on your website or images or video files or movies indecent public and you can review and read the Terms of Service by visiting the link conditions of service and you must take into account intellectual property rights and read the conditions of hosting are considered mandatory and you do not follow those conditions will face your shut-off is the right of the Company's rights to protect the rights of others from trading illegally.

You can read the conditions of service for hosting of your visit to this link hope you read the terms of service before requesting service.

Rights to cancel the plan:

Customer is entitled to cancel the plan and re-payment within 30 days of use of the plan after the client is not entitled to claim any amount.

If got any disruption of service because of the hosting company, it is to pay back the plan based on monthly usage of the plan, it is returned the remaining amount for example, was to use the plan for two months and got a break or stop the service, it is re-$ 10 whole months and the client the right to demand it and we are committed to re- the amount and the company is committed to do so.

Support and assistance:

The company offered to the customer service support over the 24 / 7 without interruption by a service support by ticket or by the Company page main by instant messaging are documented all conversations for reference to see the problem the client and the speed resolved by the concerned engineers if the problem was intractable and support staff are qualified to resolve all problems.


Allows the customer to save a backup of up to 5 GB and above that must pay for the added space to back up further.

There are several advantages in the plan and features of each plan is different from the other, we hope to visit the site to see features of all plans to go to the following link:

Details hosting plans

Be found on the control panel site you can visit this link

Ensure the return of money paid for the service within 30 days if they were not satisfied with the service.

We hope you contact us if you want further details.

Register and transfer domains:

We offer domain registration services in the service we provide advanced control panel features an Arab customer can easily manage range with many free features.

You can register or transfer your domain directly by visiting the registration site visit this link and search for the availability of domain

We commit ourselves to refund within 5 days of the date range.

We offer many free services with every domain, including:

2 Free Email Account (s)

Privacy Protection

DNS Service

Domain Forwarding

Unlimited Mail Forwards

Domain Theft Protection

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details

Custom software to download

We are committed to deliver a license key products according to what has been described to the customer in the store and we are committed to restore the full amount of payment to the customer in the event the license user to be follow-up products from us by the control panel distributors of the companies producing these programs and we are committed to giving the client a valid license by the period specified in demand and the number of users

The customer must know the conditions and characteristics of the product by going for the company producing the software and the customer assumes responsibility to use this software and violating the terms and specifications assume that the right manufacturer to stop the work product in the event of his violation of the conditions and laws for the production company without recourse to us.

Be sent details of the license keys to e-mail your request and will not accept any other email client and bear the responsibility, scoring an e-mail is sent to true demand.

If paying by Paypal will be sent the license to email your payment, which was in the process by Paypal will not accept any change of email to maintain the credibility of the payment.

Re products:

Services that are offered by the Internet is subject to the terms and conditions of the company for the service provided to return the money to the customer

We accept return the product to us within 7 days. 
It must re-packaging of the original product with complete contents the package.

We will replace the product. If this is not available in stock will be re full refund.

Should read this information, commitment, and review the changes that occur from year to year and should be read before submitting your application.

Should periodically review the information and contact us for more information. These conditions shall be binding upon the application of any product or request an agreement with another party and is subject to change without any notice.