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We offer web hosting services and domain name registration and sale of computer software and software design service


Authorized distributors for the company  LiquidNet Ltd  for hosting services

Distributors aggressors company  tsm-international  services for domain registration and hosting

Authorized distributors for the company  bitdefenderme for software protection


Purchase service from Amazon, eBay



Offer procurement service of the global market with the Amazon service charges an extra 10% on the total bill Real

Offer procurement service of the global marketplace eBay with an additional service charge of 10% on the total bill Real

Of our programs:

Archive-mail program for small businesses, which is a program for follow-up and archived transactions and save images of letters sent and received, be it property

Data Program is a program for service-Mchat small and target its military installations, in particular, to follow-up and treatment of employee data fully

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